About Thai Unika Travel

About Thai Unika Travel

Thai Unika Travel is  local tour operator based in Bangkok, Thailand, we provide the tailor-made & private tour in Thailand and the neighbor countries for western travelers from Up, France, Spain, USA..   Our company has office in Bangkok, Thailand and in Hanoi, Vietnam.

Our main work is tailor-made  the travel packages based on customer’s request to fit their interest. Our package tours could be organized for a solo traveler, a group of friends or a family.
Along with that, there is variety in travel theme, from classic tour or beach holiday to off the beaten track which is very easy for you to choose from.
We also supply all of related services such as accommodation, transportation, tour guide and logistics.
Our targeted customers are those who speak English or French, making a good connection for organized trip.
Our experience, our knowledge in field along with based office make us to be responsive in tour planning process as well as controlling services quality during your trip.

Thank you very much for choosing us as a companion for your tour to Southeast Asia!

Our team

Coming from Thailand, Vietnam and France, we are a dynamic, experienced and passionate team. After a thorough exploration of Western culture, we understand the interest of foreigners, especially English speakers. This is one of the essential factors contributing to the success of our travel agency in the English speaking travel market.

We keep making an effort to strengthen our skills by organizing meetings and training to share our experiences. In addition, we usually organize familiarization trip to enrich the knowledge about destinations and services of suppliers such as restaurants, hotels and transportations in the whole country. Therefore, we can build up new relationships to serve every request from every customer.

Our travel consultants, tour operations and English speaking guides are carefully recruited and always notice of the demands of customers. They are highly appreciated because of their enthusiasm, professionalism, good English proficiency as well as their profound social and cultural knowledge. During the trip, we always follow customers to make sure that they are truly enjoying our service and avoid any troubles during the trip. And of course, after every trip, we always ask for the feedbacks which allow us to evaluate staff’s skills and to ensure keep improving for a better and better service. 

Professionalism, efficiency, high quality and customer’s satisfaction are our gold and mission. For us, the customer is king. We are always willing to be there to accompany you throughout the trip.

Our guides

Tour guides play such an important role in organizing a trip, contributing 60% in success of the tour. They represent for a country and being a connection between our company and customers. Being aware of this importance, we always choose the best English speaking guide based on following categories: 

– Tour guide’s certificate 

– Good English skills

– Passion for guidance career

– Good knowledge of all parts of the country in terms of culture, history and locality

– Be willing, kind and  helpful

Sridom ZHANG (Naï)
He was born in Lampang in northern Thailand, he is 45 years old. He learned French at the Lampang Kallayanee school for 3 years (1988-1990). He started working as a French speaking guide since 20-15 because he really likes traveling and meeting with several people.
Krit Jayasak ( Toy )
He comes from Phitsanuluck, he is 60 years old, he studied at the University in Bangkok. He has worked as a French speaking guide for more than 25 years. He always likes to move.
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