Khao San Road

Thailand is famous for its religious places such as the Grand Palace, Wat Pho, and Wat Traimit,… But have you ever heard of Khao San road, a heaven on earth for backpackers and curious foreigners in the center of Bangkok?

One night spent on Khao San road is enough for tourists to burn out with endless joy. This is a walking street, where many exciting activities take place. This place can be seen as an international neighborhood, where visitors from all over the world gather, blend in and feel the festive vibe together. 

Location and history of Khao San Road

Located in the Banglamphu district, West of Bangkok, Khao San is not a long road, with a length of less than 1 km. It is also near the Grand Palace and Chao Phraya River, making your travel to this destination easier than ever. 


The name Khao San – “Milled rice” is an attribution to the historical role of the road, which was the most famous rice trade area in Bangkok about 20 years ago. The name was established to honor and memorize this ancient and nostalgic neighborhood. Nowadays, this small road embedded in a great culture with a flavourful culinary experience, cheap guesthouses, bars, and shops scattered throughout the whole area. 



During the day Khao San Road is quieter, you can find some shops, bars, and food trucks in all shapes and sizes. However, only after sunset that this road can show its true energetic form. More street food trucks arrived, bars and clubs opened, and music is pours out into the streets from the local establishments. You can easily catch someone singing and dancing along to some famous melody or strangers drinking and having fun together as if they have known each other for years. 

Coming to Khao San Road, there are no boundaries, just blend in, have fun and enjoy the festive, exciting atmosphere to the fullest. Khao San becomes one of the most bustle roads in Bangkok when the sun goes down and lights are lit. 

Street food on Khao San Road

Indulging in Khao San Road’s spectacular culinary street dishes is a must-try experience. Tourists can easily catch local foods or specialty snacks of Thailand at an affordable price along the road of Khao San. 


On the two sides of the road are lines of pubs, bars, and nightclubs serving all kinds of beer, which is the main reason why Khao san is packed with locals and tourists coming to relax and have fun.

There are many well-known Thai dishes for those looking to treat their taste buds, for instance: coconut ice cream, kebab, banana roti, and mango sticky rice,…

But there are also plenty of unique Thai delicacies that sound a little terrifying to foreigners such as insects. Plenty of vendors along Khao San Road offer crispy critters, which are usually served with a special sauce on the side. Visitors can also find a wide range of selections such as grasshoppers, mealworms, cockroaches, spiders, beetles, and even scorpions. 


Every corner and every alley of this street has something new and exciting to try, making Khao San Road a particularly joyful place for food lovers. That is the reason why this area has become one of the most popular destinations for tourists in Bangkok. 

How to get there and what to prepare

Tourists can go to Khao San Road by Chao Phraya River Express boat, bus, taxi, and tuk-tuk. 

Taking a taxi or Tuk-Tuk is the easiest option but you have to be careful with the price. For a taxi, insist on the driver turning the meter on. If he refuses or says it’s broken, just walk away and take another one. With a Tuk-Tuk, always discuss the price before getting on.

There is also a famous Tuk-Tuk scam on Khao San Road, where the Tuk-Tuk driver come and offer a free ride around the area. They will take you for a ride and then force visitors to buy some useless jewelry. Furthermore, you should pay attention to your belongings and not bring too many valuables.

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