Bangkok & Hua Hin Family Tour 9 Days

Duration: 9 Days

Experience the thrill of immersing yourself in the vibrant city of Bangkok, as you embark on a captivating journey through its captivating temples. Stroll through the bustling streets, marveling at the ornate architecture and intricate designs of the famous temples that stand as testaments to Thailand’s rich cultural heritage. The adventure continues as you board a long-tailed boat, gracefully gliding along the majestic Chao Phraya River, taking in the breathtaking views of the city’s skyline.

Prepare to be transported back in time as you venture to Ayutthaya, the ancient capital of Thailand. Explore the historical park, where the remnants of magnificent structures reveal the city’s former glory, now tinged with the scars of war against the Burmese. Feel a sense of awe as you walk among the ruins, imagining the grandeur that once graced these hallowed grounds.

Your journey then leads you to the picturesque region of Hua Hin, where an array of attractions awaits. From the vibrant cityscape to the tranquil national park, from serene temples to idyllic islands, Hua Hin offers a diverse tapestry of experiences. Immerse yourself in the charm of this coastal gem, savoring each moment as you uncover its hidden wonders.

Throughout this extraordinary tour, you will find yourself captivated by the beauty, history, and spirituality that permeate every destination. Your senses will be awakened, and your heart filled with a sense of wonder as you embark on this unforgettable journey through the enchanting land of Thailand.


• Walk around Bangkok city to visit famous temples, boarding a long-tailed boat on Chao Phraya river
• Explore the ancient capital of Thailand – Ayutthaya with the historical park which is a ruin now due to war with Burmese
• Discovery Hua Hin regions with varied attractions: city, national park, temples, island…

Itinerary in Brief

  • Day 1: Bangkok Arrival
  • Day 2: Bangkok Full Day City Tour (B)
  • Day 3: Bangkok – Ayutthaya – Bangkok (B)
  • Day 4: Bangkok – Hua Hin (B)
  • Day 5: Hua Hin City (B)
  • Day 6: Hua Hin – Sam Roi Yod National Park – Khao Takiab – Hua Hin (B)
  • Day 7: Hua Hin – Phetchaburi – Hua Hin (B)
  • Day 8: Hua Hin – Koh Talu – Hua Hin (B, L) ) *join tour*
  • Day 9: Hua Hin – Bangkok – Departure (B) *no guide*

Full Itinerary

  • Boost your mood in Vietnam and Thailand
    Day 1: Bangkok Arrival

    Warmly welcome you on arrival at Bangkok Suvarnabhumi International Airport. We will pick you up with a comfortable vehicle to the center of Bangkok to check-in your hotel, then take your time to have a rest after a long flight and lunchtime.

    Accommodation: At the hotel in Bangkok
    Meal:  Not available

  • Day 2: Bangkok Full Day City Tour (B)

    Today, we will take the whole day to explore Bangkok – the city of golden temples.

    The first destination is the Grand PalaceThis huge architecture complex is over 2 sq. kilometers, including 3 main sites: Royal Palace, Royal Office and pagodas (Wat) built in 1770s. Nowadays, the Grand Palace is no longer home of Thailand Royal, most of national significant events takes place there. Wat Phra Kaew is the most out-standing architecture in complex, built in 1785 when King Rama I moved the capital to Bangkok. 

    Wat Pra Kaew is famous not only for its beauty of unique Thailand Buddhism architecture but also for the sacred jade Buddha statue. Thai people believe that the statue will bring back fortune and prosperity for the nation.

    Nearby Grand Palace is Wat Pho – the oldest and biggest pagoda in Bangkok with more than 1000 Buddha statues and the huge one sit-back Buddha in gold. This pagoda is also famous for being a birthplace of traditional Thai massage, since there is a traditional medicine school established in 1982, educating the arts of Thai massage. 

    The Wat Pho wall-surrounded complex was divided into 2 by Soi Chetuphon running along East – West. The Northern complex is the one including the in gold Buddha statue and massage school mentioned above. The Southern complex, Tukgawee, is a monastery and a school.

    Next, we visit Wat TraimitThis pagoda is famous for its unique and historic beauty, and also for the huge golden Buddha statue. Thai people believe that the statue represents for prosperity and purity, as well as strength and power. The Golden Statue was defined to be built in Sukhothai period, the 13-15th century – one of the most famous periods of Thai Buddhism architecture.

    Lunch by your own account.

    In the afternoon, we will board on a boat to pay a visit along the Chao Phraya River, watching the life of local people close by. On route, we stop at Wat Arunknown as the most beautiful pagoda in Bangkok not only for its location on the Chao Phraya’s riverbank but also for the different architecture from other pagodas. “Arun” means sunrise, but it is most beautiful in the sunset. The pagoda was decorated with glass pieces and Chinese ceramic, in a complicated style. You can climb up to the top of Wat Arun to see Chao Phraya, Grand Palace and Wat Pho at the opposite side.

    Return to the hotel and you are free to explore Bangkok by night.

    Accommodation: At the hotel in Bangkok
    Meal:  Breakfast


  • Day 3: Bangkok – Ayutthaya – Bangkok (B)

    Having a breakfast and we will transfer to Ayutthaya, visit the Royal Summer Palace in Bang Pa-in district.

    Located about 60 km northern away from Bangkok, this palace is called Royal Summer Palace since it is a favorite resort of royal. The first palace had been built in mid-early of the 17th century, then was the ruins and be forgotten when Burman occupied Ayutthaya. It was not until the rule of King Rama IV – did the palace rebuild. King Rama IV was the first Siamese king came to Europe and was sharply impressed by the architecture there. Therefore, the whole architecture of the palace is in the way of 19th century European style.

    We continue the northern to pay a visit to some sites of Ayutthaya Historical Park, situated in the old city of Ayutthaya. The city was constructed by Ramathibodi I in 1350 and was the capital of Thailand until it was destroyed by Burmese – Myanmar army in 1767. Being a ruin with many temples which characterize this handicraft type of architecture built with red bricks, the park was recognized as World’s Heritage Site by UNESCO.

    – Wat Phu Khao Thong is a massive pagoda towering in the middle of paddy fields and can be seen from afar. Built by King Ramesuan in 1395, the pagoda is unique with the combination of 2 architectural styles: Thai – style and Mon – style. There is a high golden plated chedi on the top, which makes the pagoda outstanding.

    – Wat Phra Sri Sanphet was the most important temple of Ayutthaya and situated within the Ayutthaya Grand Palace grounds. It served as a model for the Temple of the Emerald Buddha in Bangkok. The highlight of Wat Phra Sri Sanphet is 3 towers standing high together in Ceylonese style, has the same architecture with Wat Phra Kaew in Bangkok.-

    – Vihara Phra Mongkhon Bophit is the pagoda in which the bronze Buddha statue in the attitude of subduing Mara is situated. This is one of the biggest Buddha statue in Thailand. It was considered to be built during the Ayuttaya period of King Srongta, who transferred the location from the east side to the west and has been the location since then. After that he ordered to build a dome on top.

    – Wat Lokaya Sutha is considered as the sacred place for pilgrims since it’s famous for the reclining Buddha statue, which is the statue of the Blessed Buddha intact compared to other monuments in the entire Ayutthaya ruins. It is also the most important relics in most of those in Wat Lokaya Sutha. Thai people believe that if they paste the golden leaf onto Buddha statues, they will be protected by Buddha.

    Transfer back to Bangkok for overnight.

    Accommodation: At the hotel in Bangkok
    Meal:  Breakfast

  • Day 4: Bangkok – Hua Hin (B)

    Today we make a 3-hour driving journey to Hua Hin.

    En route, we pass through Camel Republic nearby. It is not only a zoo but also an amusement park – A fun place for adults and children alike. You can enjoy feeding and interacting with animals as camels, alpacas, birds and bunnies. The park offers a variety of entertainment including fun and thrill rides, mini racing on a track and a small indoor amusement park for kids.

    Check-in hotel then you are free to relax.

    Accommodation: At the hotel in Hua Hin
    Meal:  Breakfast

  • Day 5: Hua Hin City (B)

    After breakfast, we come to Hua Hin railway station. It is now one of the most beautiful train stations in Thailand. The main building of the station is wooden, once a palace of the Thai Royal Family and was rebuilt in 1968. With its unique oriental and western architecture, it is an amazing attraction. 

    With the beautiful forest of Kaeng Krachan National Park, Pa-La-U waterfall is one of Thailand’s most beautiful natural wonders, and also one of Hua Hin’s biggest attractions. Go through the rainforest to the waterfall, you will have free time there, play in the clear water or take beautiful photos.

    We can’t miss Wat Huay Mongkhol, an unique architectural structure with distinct styles. Especially, there is the largest statue of Luang Phor Thuad in the world. Luang Phor Thuad is a famous monk in southern Thailand who is able to perform miracles.

    Visit to ancient village Plearnwan, considered as a living museum, vividly reproducing the images and lifestyles of a traditional Thai village. Here you will easily see the small houses inside that sparkle with colorful electric lights, stained-up advertisements, simple, non-sophisticated but really attractive.

    Our next destination is The Venezia Hua Hin. This is the new themed shopping village in Hua Hin. However, it quickly attracted a lot of visitors because of the new, unusual scenery, a Western Venetian, located in the middle of Thailand. This shopping village became more and more famous in Thai tourist map because it not only caused curiosity, it also brought a relaxed and poetic feeling to visitors. 

    Back to hotel to relax by your own.

    Accommodation: At the hotel in Hua Hin
    Meal:  Breakfast

  • Day 6: Hua Hin – Sam Roi Yod National Park – Khao Takiab - Hua Hin (B)

    Today morning, we drive southward to reach the Sam Roi Yod National Park. On the way to, you will notice the abundance of pineapple plantations, which are among the most extensive ones in Thailand.

    Also, limestone mountains rising steeply as high as more than 600 meters make this part of the coast especially beautiful.

    The name Sam Roi Yod means “Mount of Three Hundred Peaks”, referring to the series of majestic gray limestone mountains that stand out from the marshes and the coastline of the park. The view of the mountains and forests creates an outstanding natural beauty for this area, however the new freshwater and coastal wetlands are notable for the ecology of the park. This is an important breeding area for some rare bird species.

    Back to Hua Hin, we continue to Khao Takiab area, from where you get a panoramic view of the area as well as a rare experience when wandering around with monkeys.

    The Cicada Market open every Fridays to Sundays. The outdoor arts and crafts market has all lovely items for visitors, in addition to the Hua Hin art performance space. Besides craft stalls, you will also find an art gallery, beer garden and live music.

    Back to hotel then you are free to rest.

    Accommodation: At the hotel in Hua Hin
    Meal:  Breakfast

  • Day 7: Hua Hin – Phetchaburi – Hua Hin (B)

    In stark contrast to the vibrant Hua Hin, Phetchaburi is a small provincial town, trapped with traditional teak shops and some incredible temples that provide you with a visible timeline of dynasties who ruled Thailand.

    Phra Nakhon Khiri National Park is the place to start your Phetchaburi tour, a royal palace located at top of the hill with a great view of the town. From the top, you will soon hit the temples dating back to the 12th century.

    The places to be missed are Wat Kamphaeng Laeng, a relic of the era of Khmer kingdoms stretching into Thailand, and the Wat Mahathat Worawihan sparkling, all-white, located in Phetchaburi’s oldest district center with atmospheric roads. Finish the national park with Phra Ram Ratchaniwet, a beautiful art summer palace built for King Rama V.

    We then visit salt farm which is considered as the largest production of salt in Hua Hin.

    Back to Hua Hin, we pass through Chatsila Night Market, lying between two streets, extremely bustling with shops selling souvenirs, clothes and food. Food in the market is diverse, main dishes or snacks are presented and processed very nicely.

    Accommodation: At the hotel in Hua Hin
    Meal:  Breakfast

  • Day 8: Hua Hin – Koh Talu – Hua Hin (B, L) *join tour *

    06.30 : Leaving from Hua Hin to Bangsaphan-Banmapraw Resort Harbor by minivan

    09.30 : Reach to Banmapraw Resort Harbor

    10.00 : Leaving to Koh Talu by Speed boat ( only 20 minutes)

    10.20 : Arrival Talu Island where we jump into the sea for snorkel / swim

    12.00 : Lunch on the island,Thai + Europe Buffet

    13.00 : Relax on beach before boat back to the shore

    14.30 : Departure from Talu

    18.00 : Arrival Hua Hin

    *This tour includes private transportation from Hua Hin to the Pier and Pier back to Hua Hin

     Accommodation: At the hotel in Hua Hin
    Meal:  Breakfast, Lunch

  • Day 9: Hua Hin – Bangkok – Departure (B) *no guide*

    The time is on your own until we transfer to the airport in Bangkok, taking an international flight back to your hometown.

    Accommodation: Not available
    Meal:  Breakfast


Private tour price
Price in USD per person based on group size of private tour - Validity from 01/11/2023 - 31/03/2024
2-3 pers. 4-6 pers. 7-10 pers. Single Suppl.
1st class
- Child under 3 year old shares bed with their parents - ----> free of charge
- Child from 3 to 12 year old share rooom with their parents --------> 50% of adult price
Private tour price
Price in USD per person based on group size of private tour - Validity from 01/04/2024 - 31/10/2024
2-3 pers. 4-6 pers. 7-10 pers. Single Suppl.
1st class
- Child under 3 year old shares bed with their parents - ----> free of charge
- Child from 3 to 12 year old share rooom with their parents --------> 50% of adult price


Location Accommodation name Star Room Type
Bangkok Le D’tel Bangkok Deluxe
Hua Hin The Rock Hua Hin Pearl Suite
Location Accommodation name Star Room Type
Bangkok Centre Point Hotel Silom 4* Deluxe
Hua Hin The Rock Hua Hin Beachfront Spa Resort 4* Pearl Suite
Location Accommodation name Star Room Type
Bangkok Pullman Bangkok Hotel G Premium Deluxe
Hua Hin Putahracsa Hua Hin Resort Silksand

Trip Note

Tour includes:

  • Accommodations based on twin/Double Room
  • Private transfer as private air-con vehicle
  • Private tour as mention as above itinerary
  • Meals as mentioned (B=breakfast)
  • English  speaking guide
  • Service charge & Government tax
  • Entrance fee

Tour excludes:

  • Other meals, drinks,
  • Airport tax, internal & international flight, visa
  • Single room supplement
  • Personal expenses
  • Travel insurance
  • Any optional additional tours or activities during free time
  • Tips
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