Experience the fresh air in The Pranburi Forest Park

Experience the fresh air in The Pranburi Forest Park

Location: Pak Nam Pran District, Pran Buri Province: Prachuap Khiri Khan

Open time: 8 AM – 4 PM (Mons to Suns)

History of Pran Buri Forest Park

The Pak Nam Pranburi Forest Development Project, which was started by Her Majesty Queen Sirikit to become an ecotourism destination, is known as Pranburi Forest Park. A one-kilometer track is available for studying the mangrove ecology. The blazing heat from Pran Buri Beach seemed to disappear as soon as we entered this century-old mangrove jungle.

This forest park is located on an area of 3,174,400 square meters, however, about 1,120,000 square meters is not declared as a forest park. Besides, there is a Pran Buri River passing through the middle of the forest.

Interesting Facts about Pran Buri Mangrove Park

The Pranburi Forest Park is renowned for its enormous, dense mangrove forests and winding pathways that take tourists to every part of the park. Pranburi Park is the ideal getaway from some of the urban hubs in southern Thailand because of its unspoiled views and natural beauty. The Hua Hin region’s best day trip is to the natural reserve. You’ll not only be surrounded by a serene and magnificent landscape, but you’ll also get to view a wide variety of plants and wildlife, many of which are unique to Thailand.

Activity in Pranburi Forest Park

The one-kilometer-long mangrove nature trails and boating sports are the forest park’s main attractions. The mangrove environment is one of the natural resources that can be viewed by visitors. Next to the bridge is a tiny pier where people can go boating. Along with learning about the way of life of the peasants who live along the canal, tourists may appreciate the splendor of nature and the aquatic habitat of mangrove forests.

Entrance Fees 

The trip costs roughly 400 baht and takes 40 minutes (8 people).

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