Sam Phan Nam Floating Market

One of the best floating markets in Thailand, Sam Phan Nam Floating Market has gained a reputation as a top tourist attraction due to its unique blend of traditional Thai architecture, cultural performances, and delicious food offerings.

A visit to the Sam Phan Nam Floating Market promises a fantastic experience and is definitely worth adding to your itinerary during your stay in Hua Hin.

History of Sam Phan Nam Floating Market


The market was designed as00 a representation of the unique architecture and history of Hua Hin. The identity of the Sam Pan Nam floating market is almost identical to that of Hua Hin in the past.
Everything about the market, including the roof tiles, railings, folding doors, and signs, is a beautiful representation of Hua Hin in the 1920s. Sam Phan Nam is the largest floating market in Asia. The atmosphere is from the Rattanakosin period of King Rama VII. There are many similarities between the floating market of Ayutthaya and the floating market of Sam Phan Nam because the organizer responsible for both markets is the same.

What to see at Sam Phan Nam Floating Market


Upon entering the Sam Phan Nam Floating Market, you will be greeted by a beautiful sight of islands crisscrossed by alleys and red wooden bridges. In the front, you’ll find a clock tower featuring famous Thai figures, and cultural shows and boat tours often take place on the lake. The shops here are designed to resemble the buildings in Hua Hin town, with the peculiarity of being only one story in height. The mix of clothing, antiques, and food shops is outstanding.

One of the highlights of the Sam Phan Nam Floating Market is its excellent selection of shops, which includes a range of stores selling clothing, antiques, and food. You can even grab a tasty snack or meal at one of the many food stalls, offering a variety of snacks, grilled meat skewers, noodles, seafood, desserts, and drinks. It’s a great place to meet new people, have fun, and take a boat ride.

The market is also a popular destination for antique enthusiasts, with a wide selection of items available, including clothing and popular Thai magnets. To enter the market, visitors can cross one of the bridges over the canal, which features beautiful palms and orchids by the shops, making for excellent photo opportunities.

Open time

The market is open all year around from 9:am to 9:pm.

Entry fees

To access the market, you need to pay an entrance fee of 200 baht. If you wish to take a full circle ride on the train, it will cost you an additional 20 baht. Additionally, you can feed the fish for 40 baht or take a boat ride for two people at 100 baht.

How to get there

To reach the Sam Phan Nam Floating Market, the best option is to hire a taxi or take a private car from Hua Hin. From the railway station, you can hire a taxi for 80 Thai Baht, but the ride can be quite long. If you’re driving to Hua Hin, take the bypass road to the right towards Prachuap Khiri Khan and look for Wat Huay Mongkol on the right. The market will be on your left.

If you’re arriving in Hua Hin by bus or train, you can get to the market for just 20 Thai Baht. There’s a bus shuttle that runs between the station and the market every half hour from 7:00 am to 7:00 pm. Alternatively, if you’re driving from the town center of Hua Hin, head southeast on Highway 112 for about 11 kilometers until you reach the Hua Hin Floating Market. From there, take the first paved road on the left and continue for about one kilometer. The Sam Phan Nam Floating Market will be on your right.

Overall, Sam Phan Nam Floating Market offers a vibrant alternative to the typical Thai markets and shopping centers. For a taste of Thailand’s finest offerings, be sure to visit this market. You’ll relish the shopping, architecture, cultural displays, and outstanding Thai cuisine. Feel free to contact Thai Unika Travel if you want to experience this unique floating market.

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