Wat Pa Ket

Wat Pa Ket is an old ordination hall constructed by the Supreme Patriach (Don) in the reign of King Rama III. Its carved wooden gable has a decoration of Naraya Mounting a Naga-holding Garuda, surrounded by the decoration of an elaborate vine pattern.

Wat Pa Ket is located on Petchahueng road, Tambon Song Kanong, Amphoe Pra Pradaeng, Samutprakan. Initially, it was named “Wat Tanon Ket”. It has been assumed that the temple was built during the reign of King Rama II. The Fine Arts Department registered Wat Pa Ket as the national historic site in 1967.

The highlight that attracts the visitor is the old ubosot. It was built during the reign of king Rama III by the Buddhist Supreme Patriarch (Don) in cooperation with Prince Kromma Muen Jesada Bodin. The most outstandingly splendid part of this ubosot is an engraved pediment with patterns of Narai riding Garuda holding Naga serpents, surrounded by refined design of intertwined sprays. The front and the back have big narrow-end columns. Inside the ubosot enshrined a large principle Buddha image in ‘Marn Vichai’ posture. There are mural paintings made by royal artists during the time the temple was built. The paintings depict the story of the Buddha defeating Mara (the evil) before his enlightenment.

The visitor will learn a traditional art of local people in early Ratanakosin period, which will help them perceive their culture.Moreover, Wat Pa Ket has Vihara of Luang Pho To, a Buddha image in Marn Vichai posture which is highly respected among people as well.

Transportation:From Wat Song Tham, drive along Petchahueng road. It takes around 3 kilometers, you will see Wat Pa Ket on the right. On the other hand, take an air bus, or a normal bus no. 82, 138, and cooperated-service bus no.6, then get out at Pra Pradaeng market. Next, take the bus route: Pra Pradaeng-Bang Ko Bua to the temple.

Opening Hours:Every day from 8.00 a.m.-4.30 p.m.


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