Wat Tong Pu

Wat Tong Pu was situated in Muang district of Lopburi province near Piboonvittayalai school. The term Tong Pu means the place for soldiers muster before the battle. Wat Tong Pu is considered as the ancient Maha nikaya Mon temple of Lopburi. It’s unknown when it was built but it was restored in the reign of King Narai, Ayuttaya period.

Some characteristics of the Mon and the Laos people apparently influenced the artistry such as the Cabinets for Tripitaka in the hall of temple and the Gilded Black Lacquer door panels of Phra Vihan. This ancient temple is very significant as religious place in Ayutthaya period that is still in good condition and there are monks especially in parish area.

According to the ideology of artisans in Ayutthaya period, the temple should include Bot or the hall of temple and Phra Vihan. The base of Vihan is lotus-flower-shaped pedestal for a Buddhist image where remains the statue of the Buddha meditating in Khmer-Lopburi style around 19 B.E.. The couple stone boundary markers, the sermon hall with curved base, lancet windows and curve tiles roofing and the campanile with 5 fleche are the architecture of the reign of King Narai.

Moreover, the stupa is similar to the stupa of Wat Manee Chonkant at Muang district, Lopburi province. But its size is smaller than the pavilion of Maitreya and a group of stupa. The laterite Buddha image with a Naga over his head enshrined inside Phra Vihan and the principle Buddha image of temple are the Ayutthaya style sculptures.

Furthermore, the fountain for washing the Buddha image, which is the only important antique of Thailand is preserved in the temple. Also the campanile and the tripitaka hall are very aesthetic and famous in Lopburi province. The temple opens every day from 8.00 to 16.30.


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