On the low hills bordering Vajiralongkorn Lake, Sanghkhlaburi is located towards the end of one of Thailand’s most beautiful highways (previously known as Khao Laem Lake).


The province is home to various waterfalls, mountains, caves, national parks, and last but not least, the River Kwai. In order to fully experience Sangkhlaburi, a boat journey on the lake is an essential. The sunrise over the foggy, reflective surface water is quite magnificent. The surrounding region is one of Thailand’s most picturesque. A variety of adventures await in the tiny Karen and Mon villages, caves, waterfalls, Thung Yai Naresuan Wildlife Reserve, and Khao Laem National Park. Although it sounds dramatic, it is also possible to drive directly to the Burmese border at Three Pagodas Pass.

Regardless of the fact that Sangkhlaburi was historically a Karen town, a recent influx of Thais, as well as countless Mon and Burmese settlers escaping conflict across the border, have produced a multicultural ambiance. Living arrangements include stilted bamboo houses, floating rafthouses, and hill stations. 


Numerous festivals and special events are held in Kanchanaburi. Themes for events and festivals frequently focus on local history and (water) sports such as Songkran Festival (13 to 17 April), Long-tail Boat Racing (September ot Octorber), and The Loy Krathong Festival (24 November).


With temperatures ranging from 25 to 40 degrees Celsius, the climate is tropical and very pleasant all year long. The three seasons—April being the hottest—are: the hot season (February to May), the rainy season (late June to October), and the cold season (November to January).

From May to the end of October, it rains frequently. August and July are the rainy months. Therefore, the appropriate duration to visit Kanchanaburi are from November to March, while morning temperatures in December and January can be quite chilly (14–17 °C). Kanchanaburi can be significantly cooler at night due to the higher altitude and the lake’s presence during the rainy season.

The typical range of temperatures from February to October is between 32 and 40 degrees, whereas from July to September there is a chance of heavy downpours. Fortunately, they only last a short moment, which feels refreshing, and sunshine then shines.

How to get there

Although Sangkhlaburi has the appearance of being quite far away, it is actually approachable by bus from Bangkok in around seven hours. Third-class trains depart Bangkok’s Thonburi Railway Station daily for Kanchanaburi. It takes more than three hours to travel. Weekend express trains run from early in the morning until late at night, enabling short daytrips which could include a stopover at the Death Railway Bridge. Kanchanaburi Town may be accessed from Bangkok within just two hours by car, van, or public bus, or in three hours by minivan tour.

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