What to Eat at Amphawa Floating Market

Amphawa Floating Market or Amphawa Evening Market is one of the largest and oldest floating markets in Thailand.  One of the highlights of Amphawa Floating Market is a large selection of delicious food. With the abundance of Samut Songkhram province, many fresh vegetable and fruit shops are lined up waiting for buyers.

Here are listed our top picks of food at Amphawa Floating Market that you should try when visiting the market.


At Amphawa Floating Market you can expect to see vendors selling seafood in restaurants along the canal.

Traditional Thai Desserts

Traditional Thai desserts are a must try when visiting Amphawa Floating Market. At Amphawa Floating Market you can find many kinds of them such as Sweet Golden Drops and Golden Egg Strips. 

Traditional Thai Desserts at the floating market cost 35-50 Baht.

Thai Jelly Sugar Candy or Khanom Alua is a traditional Thai dessert which is made of wheat flour, coconut milk and sugar. The price is 35 baht.

Thai Herb Beverages

Thai Herb Beverages at Amphawa Floating Market cost  20-30 Baht per glass.

Som Tam

The most popular salad in Thailand is Thai Papaya Salad (Som Tam) and at Amphawa Floating Market it costs 50-70 Baht.


There are many restaurants selling noodle dishes that you can try. We’ve tried two of them: the pink soup noodle which made from Red Tofu and Clear Soup Noodle. The soup is good and it costs just 35-50 baht per bowl.

Pla Tuu (Mackerel Fish)

“Pla Tuu Mae Klong” from Samut Songkhram Province is the best known trademark for mackerel fish in Thailand. The price starts from 20 baht per piece.

Thai Curry

If you are looking for a place to try Thai Food Dishes, Amphawa Floating Market is a perfect place for it as here you can find many kinds of Thai curry and they are so delicious. Thai Curry at the market costs 30-50 baht.


At Amphawa Floating Market you can try Steamed Chinese Chive Dumplings (Kanom Gui Chai).

Thai Donuts

Thai Traditional Style Donuts (Kanom Wongthong) at Amphawa Floating Market cost 20 Baht per set.


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