5 Shopping in Nakhon Pathom Province That You Shouldn’t Miss


Adresse: Soi Rai Khing, Sam Phran, Nakhon Pathom 73110 Thailand

Wat Don Wai Floating Market is located on a riverside of ThaJeen, behind Wat Don Wai, Tumbol Bang Kratuek, Amphoe Sam Pran, Nakhon Prathom. When it comes to food, Don Wai boasts one of the most impressive spreads we’ve seen anywhere in Thailand. It features both old Thai-style food and sweet things. It’s long been famous for whole ducks boiled in enormous cauldrons with herbs and spices, Stewed Mackerel Fish In Salty Soup, Tom KemPla Ta Pien, KhanomJeen Nam Ya Kati, Nam YaPha, Fish curry in banana leaves, Deep-fried curried fish patties, Thai-style sweets, and local products straight from farms with a reasonable price.

Besides from eating, cruising along the river is something you shouldn’t miss. Along the way, you’ll enjoy the uniqueness of antique Thai-style houses which have been preserved its heritage since King Rama VI era. Cruising route options

1 : Wat Don Wai-Wat Ta Pood-WatRai King-Wang PlaThis route takes around 1 hour and 15 minutes.

Adults 50 baht and children 25 baht per person. On weekends, the ferry leaves every hour from 9am to 5pm. The ferry leaves only two times a day (12.30pm and 2pm) on weekdays.

2: Wat Don Wai-WatRai King-Wang Pla-PhoeKaew Bridge-King’s college school-Wat San Petch -WatDechaNusorn-Suan Sam PranThis route takes around 2 hours. Adults 80 baht and children 40 baht per person. The ferry leaves 4 times a day. The first ferry leaves at 11am. For Sunday or holidays there will be one more trip at 10am.The last trip is at 3.30 pm.

2. Tha Na Old Market (ตลาดเก่าท่านา)  

Is an over 100-year-old little market on the Tha Chin Riverside. The Market highlights plenty of fresh local Food of both main dishes and desserts that are mouthwatering; for example, traditional noodles recipe, noodles and dumpling, a variety of Thai desserts like Bua Loi, Babin, grilled sticky rice with several fillings, sweet pomelo, Khun Pom’s bread, Mamon Chang, Noi’s Bakery, including local fruits and vegetables, especially, the famous nakhon Chaisi pomelo of Nakhon Pathom, etc. The area of the market is lined with wooden row houses with beautiful traditional architecture. Open daily between 8.00 a.m. – 6.00 p.m.  


To get there: 

  • Bycar – Follow Borommaratchachonnani Road heading for Nakhon Pathom province and keep to the right on Highway No. 3310 past Mahidol University then turn left onto Highway No. 4006. Go straight and make a right turn onto Thammasop Road. Take the bridge crossing over the Nakhon Chaisi River and turn right to the Tha Na Market. Alternatively, via Borommaratchachonnani Road, head for Nakhon Pathom province merging with Phetchakasem Road, get onto the bridge at Nakhon Pathom and keep right to Amphoe Nakhon Chaisi. Once reaching the Yaek Tha Na Bridge, keep going straight and turn right at the crossing. Continue going straight and turn left to the Tha Na Market. 
  • By bus: take a bus from the Bangkok southern Bus Terminal (Sai Tai Mai), Borommaratchachonnani Road. For more information, please contact the Transport Co., Ltd., Tel. 1490, or www.transport.co.th. 

3. Lam Phaya Floating Market (ตลาดน้ำลำพญา) 

Located at the front of Wat Lam Phaya on the Tha Chin Riverside, is a centre of fruits and vegetables, agricultural products, wickerwork, woven textiles, dyed textiles and Food sold at reasonable price; such as, Malai Khanom Thai Bang Len, Chai Kuai, Hoi Thot (fried mussels), and Phat Thai from the first original food shop of the Market. A variety of fish can be seen at the front of the Temple. Open on the weekends and public holidays between 8.00 a.m. – 3.00 p.m. 

The Market is accessible via many routes: 

  • By car 1. Via Borommaratchachonnani Road, get on the bridge and turn onto Salaya past Mahidol University. Turn left to reach the Phutthamonthon Police Station then turn right and go straight for about 24 kilometres. Wat Lam Phaya will be on the left-hand side. 
               2. Via the Bang Bua Thong route: Go straight for about 10 kilometres, follow the sign on the left to Amphoe Bang Len and turn left for about 20 kilometres. Make a left turn at the junction (before reaching the bridge crossing the Tha Chin River), and turn left again for about 9 kilometres. The temple will be on the right-hand side. 
  • By public bus: by the Transport Co., Ltd. Take a Bangkok – Nakhon Pathom bus and get off at the market in the city then take a Song Thaeo (Nakhon Pathom-Lam Phaya route) and get off at the front of Wat Lam Phaya. 

4. Sookjai Farmer’s Market (ตลาดสุขใจ) 

Is a green market for people who have health and environment concerns. It is a centre of Organic farming products and processed Food provided by organic farmers who will bring their products for sale on the weekends between 10.00 a.m. – 5.00 p.m. Since this market offers farming products with good quality where farmers can sell to consumers directly, the price of the products is reasonable. The Market has various and seasonal products; for example, non-chemical vegetables and fruits, eggs, duck eggs, cooked food, Thai sweets, organic rice, fresh vegetables, fruit juice, etc.

5. All-night market at Phra Pathom Chedi (ตลาดโต้รุ่ง องค์พระปฐมเจดีย์) 

Is one of the delicious Food centres of nakhon Pathom. It is well-known for a wide range of food offered by wheelbarrow vendors including main dishes, desserts, snacks, ice cream or fruits; such as, Bua Loi Tae Chio, Chim Mu, Cho Hoi Thot, Denchai Ice Cream or also known as “Flying Ice Cream”.  

Furthermore, once visitors are in town, there is plenty of not-to-be missed local food. The downtown area is lined with various restaurants; for example, Tang Haseng (original shop), the town’s first food shop selling roasted pork with rice that has been open for over 70 years with a reputation from the old generation to the present one, or Mae Lek (original shop), a long well-known shop among the locals selling sticky rice in bamboo tubes. In addition, crispy pork with rice and pomelo is a must-eat.

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