The Lopburi Night Market

Every Wednesday night, right outside Noom’s Guesthouse, running the length of Phraya Kamchat Alley, you will find the lively, very popular night market in Lopburi. I happened to be working in the guesthouse lounge as I watched the local merchants set up for the night. All manner of cooking methods could be found– vats of oil, charcoal grills, hotplates, gas stoves, meal plates that form the little cakes or egg domes, enormous griddles and pots of curry, a massive steamer basket for corn.

The market was ready to go at about 5:00, until there was no trace it was even there at 9:00. Locals came out and shopped, ate and enjoyed the community of others. A testament to how popular the market is is the fact that many of the restaurants nearby were not even open for the night.

Aside from food, there were many stalls with clothing and accessories, beauty products, music and movies, tools and electronics, and even pet products such as dog treats. I was tempted to buy some dog treats to carry around for the masses of wild dogs I’ve encountered around all of Thailand, but then thought better of it after remembering the unwanted attention I received in Ayutthaya from a pup with attitude. Better to donate some bags of food to a shelter when I get to Chiang Mai or Koh Lanta.

The smells coming from the market were too good not to try some of the food. I was starting to feel unwell in the tummy, so avoided any meats or curries, opting instead for a pineapple shake and some homemade caramel corn. It was sweet and very slightly salty. Delicious.

If you’re able to plan your trip to Lopburi around the Wednesday night market, you’ll be sure to enjoy some good food and a taste of the local culture, just more reasons that the old city is a great place to spend a few days.

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