What to buy in Phuket?

Phuket is the most famous place in Thailand after Bangkok. Not only famous for its beaches, scenic spots and gastronomy, Phuket is also a shopper’s paradise. So what souvenirs to buy in Phuket for a memorable trip?

What to buy in Phuket?
11 best things to buy on a trip to Phuket Island:

1. Beach sandals and flip-flops

Dubbed “tropical vacation souvenirs”, you might find beach sandals and flip-flops everywhere when shopping in Phuket. They attract tourists with their unique designs and vibrant colors. With a variety of sizes for all ages, visitors can wear them comfortably.

Beach sandals - Souvenir

What’s more, they’re very reasonably priced, so tourists can buy more than one pair for themselves, their families or as souvenirs. They’ll also take up less space in your luggage, so you won’t have to worry about storage.

Where to buy them?
They’re everywhere, from the beach to coastal streets, from shopping malls to small boutiques.

2. Thai silk

Thai silk is considered one of the best silks in the world for its softness, color and durability. This silk is not only of good quality but also popular. You can see this in the traditional costumes that Thais usually wear.

Thai Silk

Thai silk is also transformed into a variety of objects such as pants, skirts, sarongs, hair accessories, curtains and so on. Visitors often buy these Thai silk products or even a large Thai silk fabric to sew their own costumes and accessories, enriching their wardrobe.

Where can you buy them?
Thanks to its popularity, you can find Thai silk in many places, including shopping centers, street markets or roadside stalls. If you want a cheap price, the markets in Phuket or the Jungceylon Phuket shopping mall at Patong beach is a good choice. If you’re looking for high-end, luxurious silk, the Jim Thompson boutiques in the heart of Phuket will satisfy your taste for luxury.

3. Thai-style elephant pants and sarongs

If you want to wear Thai clothing, or simply bring back a souvenir of Phuket on your trip to Phuket, elephant pants and sarongs are a good idea. Their common features are lightness, skin comfort and unique designs with many patterns and colors. Elephant pants can be worn by men and women in all situations, while sarongs are often worn by women.

Elephant Pants

They are made from a variety of cotton, Thai silk or batik and can fit almost any size. The price will depend on the material, but they are generally very inexpensive.

Where to buy them?
They’re so popular with locals and tourists alike that they’re sold everywhere, including street stalls and night markets.

4. Cushion cover

Because they are made from cotton, Thai silk or batik materials, cushion covers also have Thai colors and patterns. However, they are sometimes classified as high-end when made from Thai silk and embroidered by hand. They become a precious craft which, of course, will be more expensive.

Cushion Cover

Where to buy them?
Visitors can easily buy them in the city’s stores, malls and markets.

5. Phuket pearls

On this beautiful island, one thing not to be missed is the Phuket pearl, which has become quite famous both at home and abroad. The island has been facilitating local pearl production for over 40 years. Genuine, beautiful pearls come at a price you’d be hard-pressed to find elsewhere. To choose the best pearls, buy them at night, as quality pearls will emit a soft light.

Phuket Pearls

Where to buy them?
Real pearls can be found in shopping malls and at Rawai market, but they won’t be as beautiful as at the Phuket Pearl Shop on the east coast near Phuket Town or at the Art Factory Pearl Phuket on the way to Chalong. Their pearls are so famous that they are used as jewelry in international beauty contests.

6. Spa and wellness products

Thais are very good at massage. Guests can relax mind and body with excellent treatments. In addition, Thais also use locally produced spa products such as eucalyptus massage oils, bath foams, body scrubs, reed footbaths, body lotions and more. Bottles of health-promoting massage oil make great gifts for you and your loved ones.

Spa-Products Phuket

Where to buy them?
The big beauty brands will offer you luxury products at high prices, and roadside stores will have affordable prices.

7. Sculptural soaps

Not too popular, but sculptural soaps will attract visitors at first sight. They’re usually shaped like pretty flowers that look like real ones. Even sweet-scented “flowers” should be purchased for display purposes. Sculptural soap can be considered both an interesting and artistic souvenir. At a reasonable price, it should be included in the list of what to buy in Phuket.

Sculptural soaps Phuket

Where to buy them?
Sculptural soaps can easily be found in roadside stores. Beware, however, of the seller’s advice, as these soaps are difficult to keep intact on long journeys.

8. Stuffed elephants

Elephants are one of Thailand’s most emblematic animals. So, when you visit Phuket, you’ll come across many stuffed elephants or other elephant-shaped toys of different sizes, shapes, materials, colors, designs.


They come in a variety of prices, from the lowest to the most expensive. Products made from ordinary materials will be affordable, while those made from Thai silk will cost more. Visitors can choose them to hang with their bags, or take them home to display.

Where to buy them?
They are most often found in night markets and in Jung Ceylon.

9. Coconut bowls

Made from real coconuts, these bowls are entirely ecological. The locals first process the coconut shells, then lacquer the inside. These bowls are also widely used in Phuket hotels, restaurants and cafés. They look shiny, but they’re not too expensive. Visitors often buy them as gifts for friends.

Coconut Bowls

Where to buy them?
They are available at the night market, in various stores in central Phuket, Jung Ceylan, Patong, Phuket Town and many other places.

10. Cashew nuts

Cashew nuts are always very expensive. However, in the shopping paradise of Phuket and southern Thailand, this delicious nut is produced in abundance, so the price is much more affordable. They’re good quality too, so you won’t have to compromise on price either. One of the most popular drinks is called “Cashewy” – cashew juice.

Cashew Nuts

Where to buy them?
You can buy cashew nuts in markets or supermarkets, but it’s better to buy them from the factory. Sri Bhurapa Orchid is one of the first cashew stores in Phuket. It’s easy to find on the way to the airport.

11. Dried fruit

There are in fact many fruits that are not available in the temperate country, and most of them can be found in the Phuket markets. In fact, there are fruits that you eat every day, but you can’t always take them with you while guaranteeing quality.

Dried Fruits

As a result, people have found a new way to create dried fruit. They can be eaten as snacks, are convenient to transport and have a long shelf life. There are many fruits typical of tropical countries that are cheap and delicious. Dried mango is excellent, but if you want to surprise your friends, buy dried durian.

Where to buy them?
Like cashews, dried fruits are sold everywhere. However, visitors must choose where to buy them to guarantee food quality and safety. Reputable factories are the best choice, otherwise buy products from famous brands.

12. What should you know when shopping in Phuket?

  • Shopping hours in Phuket: in addition to shopping malls, there are clothing and accessories markets that are only open on weekends and from around 10am or 10:30am (some open from 9:30am).
  • Shopping clothes in Phuket: wear comfortable clothes, slippers and bring water, as the shopping areas are very busy and very hot.
  • Means of shopping in Phuket: don’t go by car as the street will be very busy, especially at weekends.

Shopping tips:

  • If you go to the market, before you buy, you should check the prices in the stores.
  • Get a receipt and check the goods before leaving the store.
  • Thailand is also known as the land of smiles. Therefore, when shopping, if you want to buy at a good price, you need to show a friendly and welcoming attitude.

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