Best areas to stay in Ayutthaya

Are you in the midst of planning a trip to the captivating ancient city of Ayutthaya? If so, it’s crucial to determine the ideal location for your stay, as Ayutthaya offers an abundance of unique attractions to explore. Selecting one of the best areas to stay in Ayutthaya will undoubtedly enhance your overall experience.

To ensure a remarkable experience in this historic city, we have compiled a guide to help you select the perfect area to stay in Ayutthaya. Whether you seek proximity to ancient ruins, breathtaking waterfront views, or the serenity of lush green parks, this guide will assist you in making the most out of your time in Ayutthaya.

South of Ayutthaya Historical Park

The southern region of the Archaeological Park, located north of the Chao Praya River, exudes a strong sense of tradition and tranquility. This area is adorned with magnificent houses that offer scenic views of the river. One of the notable aspects we appreciate about this area is its abundance of green spaces and trees. Despite being less densely populated, there are a variety of restaurants, minimarkets, and coffeehouses scattered throughout. Overall, it is considered as one of the best areas to stay in Ayutthaya due to its blend of serenity, natural beauty, and convenient amenities.

Center – East of Historical Park


If you’re short on time, the eastern region of Historical Park is the one of the best areas to stay in Ayutthaya. The entire complex spans an impressive 289 hectares, but the most remarkable temples are situated in the city center. We highly recommend exploring as many temples as possible, although some may require a bit of travel time and effort as they are located further away from the city.

However, if time or energy is limited, focusing on the Historical Park is a wise choice. It’s a mere half an hour’s walk from the train station to the park. Moreover, the area offers several dining options, markets, and coffee shops. It maintains a safe and less developed atmosphere, distinct from the towering structures of Bangkok. In fact, traditional old houses grace some of the streets, adding to the charm.

West of Chao Phraya River


To reach the area west of the Chao Praya River from the Historical Park, you can take a pleasant half-hour walk. Simply cross the large avenue that spans the river. This particular area is ideal for those interested in exploring the temples situated on this side. It has a slightly rural ambiance, with plenty of lush green parks to enjoy.

Within proximity, there are several notable attractions such as Wat Thammaram, Wat Kassatrathirat, Wat Lot Chong, and Wat Chaiwatthanaram. Additionally, tourists have the option to rent traditional costumes, adding an extra element of cultural immersion, and capture memorable pictures amidst the stunning temple backdrops.

East of Pasak River

Situated between the Pasak River to the east and the highway from Bangkok to the west, this area also hosts the train station, offering convenient access to trains heading to Bangkok and Chiang Mai. To reach the Historical Park, you’ll need to cross the river, and you have the option of using either the bridge or a boat. Additionally, the Ayutthaya Floating Market can be found to the north.

On this side of the river, you’ll discover some of Ayutthaya’s most impressive temples. In the middle of Rojana Road stands the ancient stupa of Chedi Wat Sam Pluem. Heading north, you’ll find Wat Khudeedao, Wat Maheyong, and Wat Dusidaram. To the south lie Wat Yai Chai Mongkhon and Wat Phra Non. These temples offer captivating experiences that showcase the rich cultural heritage of Ayutthaya.

So, what are you waiting for? Plan your visit to Ayutthaya now and experience the rich history, captivating temples, and cultural wonders this city has to offer. Choose your preferred from our list of the best areas to stay in Ayutthaya and immerse yourself in the enchanting ambiance of this UNESCO World Heritage Site. Your adventure awaits in Ayutthaya!

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