Majestic of Thailand and Myanmar 20 Days

Let your hair down by a captivating journey through the enchanting wonders of Thailand, where ancient traditions and breathtaking landscapes converge. Delve into the heart of Buddhism as you explore the revered temples, immersing yourself in the profound spirituality that emanates from these sacred sites. Witness the ethereal beauty of the white temple, Wat Rong Khun, nestled amidst the majestic Chiang Rai mountains, leaving you awe-inspired by its intricate artistry.

Venture into the world of monks, discovering their serene lives within the tranquil monasteries of Mandalay. Gain a profound understanding of their devoted path and witness the harmony they cultivate. As the sun gently sets, behold the twilight casting its golden hues over the vast panorama, filling your heart with admiration for the immense grandeur that unfolds before you.

Your adventure encompasses an array of experiences, from bustling Bangkok’s cityscape to the vibrant floating and railway markets of Damnoen Saduak and Maeklong. Traverse the ancient city of Ayutthaya, delving into its rich historical park before returning to the urban splendor of Bangkok.

Journey to the charming city of Chiang Rai, where captivating landscapes and cultural encounters await. Embark on an elephant ride through its scenic beauty and unveil the secrets of the Golden Triangle and the historic town of Chiang Saen. The journey continues to the cultural gem of Chiang Mai, where the hilltop temple of Doi Suthep awaits your exploration.

From Mandalay’s regal heritage to Bagan’s mesmerizing ancient city, each destination paints a vibrant portrait of Myanmar’s storied past. Traverse the serene Inle Lake, discovering the floating gardens and vibrant Indien village. Finally, delve into the enchantment of Yangon, unraveling its hidden treasures before bidding farewell to this extraordinary journey.

Experience the fusion of spirituality, natural beauty, and cultural richness that defines this remarkable Thailand tour, leaving indelible memories etched within your soul.


• Visit the famous temples and discovered the religion Buddhism.
• Explore the white temple Wat Rong Khun and admire the mountainous region in Chiang Rai.
• Discovered the lives of monks in monasteries in Mandalay.
• Admiration the twilight in the immense and grandiose panorama.

Itinerary in Brief

  • Day 1: Bangkok Arrival
  • Day 2: Bangkok City Tour (B)
  • Day 3: Bangkok – Damnoen Saduak Floating Market -Maeklong Railway Market – Ayutthaya(B)
  • Day 4: Ayutthaya – Historical Park – Bangkok (B)
  • Day 5: Bangkok – Flight to Chiang Rai (B)
  • Day 6: Chiang Rai City – Elephant Riding (B)
  • Day 7: Chiang Rai – Doi Mae Salong – Golden Triangle – Chiang Saen (B)
  • Day 8: Chiang Saen – Chiang Mai
  • Day 9: Chiang Mai City – Doi Suthep Hill (B)
  • Day 10: Chiang Mai – Chiang Dao Elephant Riding & Rafting (B)
  • Day 11: Bangkok- Flight to Mandalay (B)
  • Day 12: Mandalay (B)
  • Day 13: Mandalay – Mingun – Sagaing – Ava – Mandalay (B)
  • Day 14: Mandalay – Flight to Bagan (B)
  • Day 15: Bagan full day city (B)
  • Day 16: Bagan – Flight to Heho – Inle Lake (B)
  • Day 17: Inle Lake – Indien (B)
  • Day 18: Heho- Flight to Yangon (B)
  • Day 19: Yangon city (B)
  • Day 20: Yangon depart (B)

Full Itinerary

  • Day 1: Bangkok Arrival

    Warmly welcome you on arrival at Bangkok Suvarnabhumi International Airport.

    We will pick you up with a comfortable vehicle to the center of Bangkok to check-in your hotel, then take your time to have a rest after a long flight.

  • Day 2: Bangkok City Tour (B)

    Today, we will take the whole day to explore Bangkok – the city of golden temples.

    The first destination is the Grand PalaceThis huge architecture complex is over 2 sq. kilometers, including 3 main sites: Royal Palace, Royal Office and pagodas (Wat) built in 1770s. Nowadays, the Grand Palace is no longer home of Thailand Royal, most of national significant events takes place there. 

    Wat Phra Kaew is the most out-standing architecture in complex, built in 1785 when King Rama I moved the capital to Bangkok. Wat Pra Kwae is famous not only for its beauty of unique Thailand Buddhism architecture but also for the sacred jade Buddha statue. Thai people believe that the statue will bring back fortune and prosperity for the nation.

    Nearby Grand Palace is Wat Pho – the oldest and biggest pagoda in Bangkok with more than 1000 Buddha statues and the huge one sit-back Buddha in gold. This pagoda is also famous for being a birthplace of traditional Thai massage, since there is a traditional medicine school established in 1982, educating the arts of Thai massage.

    The Wat Pho wall-surrounded complex was divided into 2 by Soi Chetuphon running along East – West. The Northern complex is the one including the in gold Buddha statue and massage school mentioned above. The Southern complex, Tukgawee, is a monastery and a school.

    We will board on a boat to pay a visit along the Chao Phraya River, watching the life of local people close by.

    On route, we stop at Wat Arunknown as the most beautiful pagoda in Bangkok not only for its location on the Chao Phraya’s riverbank but also for the different architecture from other pagodas. “Arun” means sunrise, but it is most beautiful in the sunset.

    The pagoda was decorated with glass pieces and Chinese ceramic, in a complicated style. You can climb up to the top of Wat Arun to see Chao Phraya, Grand Palace and Wat Pho at the opposite side.

    After having lunch, we visit the last destination of the day: Wat TraimitThis pagoda is famous for its unique and historic beauty, and also for the huge golden Buddha statue. Thai people believe that the statue represents for prosperity and purity, as well as strength and power. The Golden Statue was defined to be built in Sukhothai period, the 13-15th century – one of the most famous periods of Thai Buddhism architecture.  

    Return to the hotel and you are free to explore Bangkok by night.

  • Day 3: Bangkok – Damnoen Saduak Floating Market -Maeklong Railway Market - Ayutthaya(B)

    Early in the morning, after having breakfast, we pay a visit to Meaklong Railway Market – a local market has grown up along the rail tracks. When a train pulls in or out of the station, the sellers quickly clear their stalls, and set them up again when the train has passed.

    We continue our way to Damnoen Saduak Floating market. Arrival at the market, you can see the vendors who wear traditional farmer dresses and hats bring local Thai foods, fruits and products to sell on rowing boats.

    You should not miss the opportunity to experience sitting and giving them a try on one of these boats on the canal. You are free to explore around the market, take photos/videos or even hire a paddling boat to breathe the once-in-a-lifetime atmosphere here.  

    We then take a boat ride out of the floating market and journey along the winding canals to see remote villages, gardens and plantations.

    Arrive at a jetty pier where you board on the vehicle and proceed to Ayutthaya

  • Day 4: Ayutthaya – Historical Park - Bangkok (B)

    Wake up in the morning, we visit Ayutthaya Historical Park, situated in the old city of Ayutthaya.

    The city was constructed by Ramathibodi I in 1350 and was the capital of Thailand until it was destroyed by Burmese – Myanmar army in 1767. Being a ruin with many temples which characterize this handicraft type of architecture built with red bricks, the park was recognized as World’s Heritage Site by UNESCO.

    Wat Phu Khao Thong is a massive pagoda towering in the middle of paddy fields and can be seen from afar. Built by King Ramesuan in 1395, the pagoda is unique with the combination of 2 architectural styles: Thai – style and Mon – style. There is a high golden plated chedi on the top, which makes the pagoda outstanding.

    Wat Phra Sri Sanphet was the most important temple of Ayutthaya and situated within the Ayutthaya Grand Palace grounds. It served as a model for the Temple of the Emerald Buddha in Bangkok. The highlight of Wat Phra Sri Sanphet is 3 towers standing high together in Ceylonese style, has the same architecture with Wat Phra Kaew in Bangkok.

    Vihara Phra Mongkhon Bophit is the pagoda in which the bronze Buddha statue in the attitude of subduing Mara is situated. This is one of the biggest Buddha statue in Thailand. It was considered to be built during the Ayuttaya period of King Srongta, who transferred the location from the east side to the west and has been the location since then. After that he ordered to build a dome on top.

    Wat Lokaya Sutha is considered as the sacred place for pilgrims since it’s famous for the reclining Buddha statue, which is the statue of the Blessed Buddha intact compared to other monuments in the entire Ayutthaya ruins. It is also the most important relics in most of those in Wat Lokaya Sutha. Thai people believe that if they paste the golden leaf onto Buddha statues, they will be protected by Buddha.

    You leave for Lopburi, site inhabited since prehistoric times and which has long undergone the Khmer influence of the Angkor Empire.

    Visit the Narai King’s Palace built by King Narai, the king who ruled Ayutthaya from 1656 to 1688. He ordered the palace built in 1666. King Narai stayed here for about 8 to 9 months a year except during the rainy season. He named Lopburi as the second capital of the Ayutthaya Kingdom. The palace was a place of relaxation, hunting, business administration of the country and hosting official visitors.

    Continue to Khmer temple of Prang Samyodtemple with three spiers and San Phra Kan, this ancient Brahmin temple located near Phra Prang Sam Yot, comprises two parts, the oldest dating from the Khmer period, the most recent dating from 1951. The latter houses a four-armed deity surmounted by a Buddha’s head and is the figure of a warship.

    Back to Bangkok for overnight.

  • Day 5: Bangkok – Flight to Chiang Rai (B)

    After breakfast, you will transfer to airport for the flight to Chiang Rai

    Upon arrival, Check-in at the hotel and free time.

  • Day 6: Chiang Rai City – Elephant Riding (B)

    Morning after breakfast, we will visit the local market to discover the local products.

    After that we visit the world famous Wat Phra Kaew, one of the oldest and most revered temple in Chiang Rai city. The Wat Phra Kaew is where the Emerald Buddha image was once enshrined.

    We move on to Wat Phra Singhwhich was the storage of Phra Buddha Sihingh statue. The main structures of the Lanna style temple are the ubosot, the viharn, a chapel containing a footprint of the Buddha and the Kuti or monks living quarters.

    Continue to visit Baan Dam (Black House)an eclectic mix of traditional northern Thai buildings interspersed with some outlandish modern designs.

    We have lunch then take a boat to cruise on Mae Kok river from Chiang Rai to Karen village where you can watch elephants or feed them, especially enjoying your 1 hour elephant riding.

    Heading back to Chiang Rai to overnight. 

  • Day 7: Chiang Rai – Doi Mae Salong – Golden Triangle – Chiang Saen (B)

    After breakfast we continue the trip by heading to the northern Thailand – a wooded, mountainous and beautiful area. This morning, you will explore the surroundings and the first road you will take is the one that leads to Mae Salong. Climb up and down the green hills, covered with tea plantations.

    Here, you can enjoy a cup of tea in a traditional Chinese tea house overlooking the mountains and tea fields before continuing your way towards the Golden Triangle.

    From Doi Mae Salong, we will visit two villages of ethnic minorities: the village Akah of Loyo, and the village Lisu of Ban Haygo.

    Afterwards we will visit the Mae Fah Luang botanical garden. Last but not least, transfer to Golden Triangle where we take a boat trip on Mekong River to see Thailand, Burma & Laos triangle.

    Overnight in Chiang Saen

  • Day 8: Chiang Saen – Chiang Mai

    Have breakfast and free time until transfer to Chiang Mai. It takes about 5-hour driving, therefore you can take your time to relax after checking-in the hotel in Chiang Mai.

  • Day 9: Chiang Mai City – Doi Suthep Hill (B)

    After breakfast, our morning tour will be started by a walking tour of the old town with a stop at the old wall, the moat and a door of the old town. You will be able to visit the most beautiful temples of Chiang Mai including of Wat Chedi Luang, Wat Phan Tao, Wat Chedi Luang and Wat Prah Singh

    Wat Chedi Luang is the impressive ruins of a temple in the center of Chiang Mai which was built in 1411. Next to the sacred Wat Chedi Luang is a small interesting temple called Wat Phan Tao. This ancient temple is well known for its exquisite Lanna-style ordination hall entirely made of teakwood, which served as a throne hall during the reign of King Mahotara Prateth. 

    Wat Prah Singh is the second most venerated temple in Chiang Mai after Wat Phra That Doi Suthep and a glittering example of Lanna art and temple architecture

    We then continue wander through small streets lined with traditional houses, where you will take rickshaw tour

    And then a walking through the central market of Warorot before visiting the Doi Suthep hill. You then exercise yourself by ascending the 306 steps to the temple. However, it is very well worth the effort. A panorama view of the city and the surrounding areas can be seen from the temple grounds.

    Return to hotel in Chiang mai for your overnight

  • Day 10: Chiang Mai - Chiang Dao Elephant Riding & Rafting (B)

    Today start our day to Chiang Dao, a hidden gem in Northern Thailand. With plenty of activities and only a short distance from Chiang Mai, this destination is well worth a visit. When you visit an elephant camp, you can watch the elephants taking their morning bath and demonstrating some their skills. You will also learn how to properly ascend the elephant and lumber along a trail in the dense, leafy forest and along the Mae Ping River

    After lunch, experience a bamboo raft trip along the river. You will have chance to admire the traditional teak houses high on stilts along the lush banks. Bidding farewell to chilled-out Chiang Dao and its gentle people won’t be easy.

    Soften the blow with a stop at an orchid farm on your return to Chiang Mai. Revel in the assortment of colors and designs from stripped to dots. At the end of the day, you’ll have seen that Thailand’s natural bounty is an open-air art museum.
    Back to Chiang Mai for night train to Bangkok

  • Day 11: Bangkok- Flight to Mandalay (B)

    You are free until be transfer to airport for the flight to Mandalay.

  • Day 12: Mandalay (B)

    We’ll start our exploration with a walk down the marble carving street, where thousands of Buddha images are carved.

    This afternoon before the sunset, you may visit the traditional cotton and silk weavers whose ancestors used to weave magnificent robes for the royalty. The weaving of silk long is so intricate and colorful that they can only complete an inch a day, it is truly amazing.

    Also, at Amarapura, you will visit the famous Mahagandayon monastery, probably the largest Buddhist University in the country where you can witness thousands of monks studying together.

    Enjoy the sunset with a visit to the most picturesque U Bein Bridge on Taungthaman Lake, a half-mile long teak walkway also known as the longest teak bridge in the world. 

    Overnight in Mandalay

  • Day 13: Mandalay – Mingun – Sagaing – Ava – Mandalay (B)

    After breakfast you are transferred to visit to Shwenandaw Kyaung– the original Royal Apartment of Grand Mandalay Palace.

    Then continue to The Word’s largest Book called Kuthodaw Pagoda with 729 stone tables with the inscription Buddhist Scripture then back to hotel to check out and then drive straight to jetty where to take a ferry boat to Mingun, 11 km upriver from Mandalay on the western bank of Ayeyarwaddy River.

    After taking the boat trip for about 45 minutes, you can walk and start your tour includes the Mingun Pagoda, unfinished pagoda which might have been the biggest pagoda in the history of Buddhism, Mingun bell, the world largest ringing bell, and Myatheindan Pagoda.

    Then take a downstream cruise Mandalay and lunch is served on boat. 
    Back to Mandalay for overnight.

  • Day 14: Mandalay – Flight to Bagan (B)

    After breakfast, you will be transferred to Mandalay International Airport to your flight to Bagan. Check-in at your hotel in Bagan for overnight

  • Day 15: Bagan full day city (B)

    This morning visit Minnanthu village. Visit Tayoke Pyay, Payathonzu and Nandamanya Temples (noted for exquisite 13th century murals) and Kyat Kan Cave Monastery, a famous meditation centre in Bagan.

    Visit farming houses around Bagan. In the afternoon, enjoy an excursion to the beautiful Nat Htaung Kyaung, a monastery famous for wood carvings, built in 1781 by a group of monks.

    Admire the monastery’s collection of ancient Buddha statues and lacquer boxes.

    Accommodation at hotel in Bagan

  • Day 16: Bagan – Flight to Heho – Inle Lake (B)

    Today you are transferred to Mandalay international airport for your early flight to Heho. Upon arrival to Heho airport, we take a scenic one hour drive which leads to small town Nyaung Shwe – the major gateway to Inle Lake.

    On the way to Nyaung Shwe, you will visit Shwe Yan Pyay Wooden Monastery with unique oval shaped window, dating back to over 140 years ago. Then directly transfer to boat stand in Nyaung Shawe and board a private motorboat to head out to Inle Lake, famous for its unique one-leg rowers, typical floating gardens, local methods of fishing and village life.

    Afternoon sightseeing will include with the excursion to weaving village of Inpawkhone and Cheroot factory where the typical Burmese hand rolled cigars are med by hand. Then continue to Phaung Daw Oo Pagoda, the lake’s main sanctuary which contains five sacred Buddha images covered in gold leaf.

    Next, we will visit Nga Hpe Chaung Monastery, known as “Jumping cats” monastery. To round off the day, we take a sightseeing tour around the floating gardens areas of Inle Lake on which seasonal vegetables are grown from the boat. 

    Overnight in Inle Lake

  • Day 17: Inle Lake – Indien (B)

    Morning we take an excursion to Indein – a hidden corner of Inle Lake. It’s covered here with thousands of the ancient Bagan and Shan style pagodas, built during Bagan Period.

    Upon arrival to Indein, heading off to ancient pagoda complex walking through shady bamboo groves and then transfer back to boat in Nyaung Shwe.

  • Day 18: Heho- Flight to Yangon (B)

    From here proceed to Heho Airport to catch the flight back to Yango. Upon arrival transfer to your hotel for check-in. 

    Overnight in Yangon

  • Day 19: Yangon city (B)

    Today is the last day of your trip and also the day to explore the most highlights of Yangon. Your first destination is Shwedagon Pagoda, one of the world’s most spectacular religious monuments. It’s famous for the golden dome pagoda where you can see the local ways of life and belief.

    If time permits we can drop by the Kalaywa Tawya Monastery Education centre where more than 1000 monks and nuns studying Buddhist scriptures. Orphans from all over Myanmar are brought here to be cared for.

    We then head to Chaukhtatgyi Pagoda (the huge reclining Buddha Statue in length of 72 meters long) and then drive back to hotel to check out. Your last destination is Scott Market– the major shopping centre in Yangon.

    Souvenirs, Myanmar arts & handicrafts, Lacquer ware, wood & ivory carvings, tapestries, silver & brass ware, silk & cotton fabrics, jewellery & precious stones are available at reasonable prices. 

  • Day 20: Yangon depart (B)

    After breakfast, drive straightly to Yangon International Airport to fly to your onward destination. 


Private tour price
Price in USD per person based on group size of private tour - Validity from 01/04/2024 - 30/09/2024
2-3 pers. 4-6 pers. 7-10 pers. Single Suppl.
1st class
- Child under 3 year old shares bed with their parents - ----> free of charge
- Child from 3 to 12 year old share rooom with their parents --------> 50% of adult price
Private tour price
Price in USD per person based on group size of private tour - Validity from 01/07/2023 - 31/03/2024
2-3 pers. 4-6 pers. 7-10 pers. Single Suppl.
1st class
- Child under 3 year old shares bed with their parents - ----> free of charge
- Child from 3 to 12 year old share rooom with their parents --------> 50% of adult price


Location Accommodation name Star Room Type
Bangkok Silom Serene a, Boutique Hotel, Bangkok 3* Deluxe room
Ayutthaya Classic Kameo Hotel Deluxe room
Chiang Rai Laluna Hotel & Resort Garden Bungalow
Chiang Saen Siam Triangle hotel Superior Mountain
Chiang Mai White Boutique hotel Deluxe
Mandalay Sakura Princess Hotel Mandalay Superior
Bagan Bagan View Hotel Superior
Nyaung Shwe Royal Inlay Hotel Superior
Yangon Esperado Lake View Hotel Yangon Premium City View
1st class
Location Accommodation name Star Room Type
Bangkok Centre Point Silom Hotel Deluxe Canal
Ayutthaya Kantary Hotel Studio suite
Chiang Rai Grand Vista Chiang Rai Deluxe room
Chiang Saen Bansaeo Garden and Resort Villa Standard
Chiang Mai Bohdi Serene Superior
Mandalay Ease Hotel Superior
Bagan Amata Garden Resort Bagan Amata Deluxe
Inle Amata Garden Resort Inle Deluxe
Yangon Rose Garden Hotel Superior
Location Accommodation name Star Room Type
Bangkok Mövenpick Hotel Sukhumvit 15 5* Superior
Ayutthaya Kantary Hotel One Bedroom suite
Chiang Rai The Riverie Chiang Rai Deluxe Garden View
Chiang Saen Bansaeo Garden and Resort Villa Deluxe
Chiang Mai NA Nirand Romantic – Boutique – Resort Lanna Deluxe
Mandalay Mercure Mandalay Hill Resort Superior
Bagan Aureum Palace Hotel Bagan Bagan Room
Inle Aureum Resort Inle Mountain View Villa
Yangon Wyndham Grand Hotel Yangon Superior

Trip Note

Tour includes:

  • Accommodations based on twin/Double Room
  • Private transfer as private air-con vehicle
  • Private tour as mention as above itinerary
  • Meals as mentioned (B=breakfast)
  • English  speaking guide
  • Service charge & Government tax
  • Entrance fee

Tour excludes:

  • Other meals, drinks,
  • Airport tax, internal & international flight, visa
  • Single room supplement
  • Personal expenses
  • Travel insurance
  • Any optional additional tours or activities during free time
  • Tips
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