Nakhon Pathom City 1 Day

Duration: 8 Hours
Travel theme: Excursions

Embark on a captivating journey from Bangkok to Nakhon Pathom, where cultural and religious wonders await. Led by an English-speaking guide, this tour guarantees an immersive experience, beginning with a transfer from your hotel to Nakhon Pathom city, a mere 56 kilometers away.

The first stop is Buddhamonthon, a significant religious site meticulously constructed by the government and the people to commemorate the 2500th year since the Buddha’s existence. Accessible via Puttha-Monthon IV Road, this expansive area boasts stunning landscapes and intriguing structures. A magnificent 15.8-meter-tall standing Buddha, cast in bronze gold, takes center stage, while four commemorative sites dedicated to the birth, enlightenment, first sermon, and Nirvana of Lord Buddha surround it. Visitors can also explore a Buddhist museum, a hall housing the marble Pali canon, and serene meditation halls.

The next highlight is the Thai Human Imagery Museum, showcasing awe-inspiring sculptures meticulously crafted by a talented group of Thai artists. Lifelike human figures with distinct characteristics and replicas of prominent individuals are displayed in various sections, including the Great Buddhist Monks, Former Kings of the Chakri Dynasty, and glimpses of Thai life.

Prepare to be awestruck as you catch sight of the towering Phra Pathom Chedi upon approaching the city. This monumental pagoda, one of the largest in the world, holds immense significance in Thai Buddhism. Its stupa design, resembling an inverted bowl, was originally built over 2,000 years ago.

Delve further into history and visit the enchanting Sanam Chandra Palace, situated 2 kilometers west of Phra Pathom Chedi. Constructed in 1907 by King Rama VI, this sprawling compound spans 355 acres and showcases a fusion of classical French, English Tudor, and traditional Thai architecture. While most buildings now serve as government offices, two attractions are open to the public. Phra Tamnak Chali Mongkhon At, a Western-style structure housing a statue of Ya-Le (the king’s beloved pet dog), and Phra Tamnak Mari Ratchabanlang, where personal utensils, royal photographs, and writings of King Rama VI are exhibited. Adjacent to these is Tamnak Thap Khwan, a Thai-style residence that once served as the king’s temporary abode.

Concluding the tour is a visit to Sampran Riverside, formerly known as Rose Garden, where the Thai Village and Cultural Show await. This idyllic setting provides the perfect backdrop to showcase Thai traditions and ways of life. Take a leisurely stroll through the Botanical Gardens, marveling at the diverse tropical flora and fauna. Then, be mesmerized by the renowned Thai Village Cultural Show, featuring a cast of 150 talented performers. Through captivating scenes, this spectacle offers a glimpse into rural Thai life, time-honored customs, festive traditions, and the vibrant folk songs and dances from the country’s four regions.

As the day draws to a close, depart from Sampran Riverside and head back to the vibrant city of Bangkok, enriched by the memories of a truly unique and unforgettable tour.


1. Buddhamonthon: Remarkable religious site with a 15.8-meter bronze gold Buddha and commemorative structures.

2. Thai Human Imagery Museum: Lifelike sculptures showcasing Thai artistry and replicas of influential figures.

3. Phra Pathom Chedi: Towering and sacred pagoda, over 2,000 years old, with historical and religious significance.

4. Sampran Riverside: Botanical Gardens and vibrant Thai Village Cultural Show, showcasing rural life and traditions.

Full Itinerary

  • Bangkok - Nakhon Pathom (L)

    09:00 hrs: Meet your English-speaking guide in the hotel’s lobby.
    Transfer to Nakhon Pathom city, about 56 kilometres from Bangkok.

    Visit :
    This is an important religious site built by the government and the people to commemorate the 2500th year of the existence of the Buddha. Accessible by Puttha-Monthon lV Road, it occupies a large area with beautiful landscape and contains many interesting structures.

    A huge standing Buddha image cast in bronze gold measuring 15.8 metres marks the centre of the area. It is surrounded by Four commemorative sites concerning Lord Buddha’s birth, enlightenment, the first preaching sermon, and Nirvana. Other interesting places include a Buddhist museum, a hall keeping marble Pali canon and meditation halls.

    Thai Human Imagery Museum

    The museum houses life-like sculptures created by a group of Thai artists. These breathtaking human figures with various characteristics and the replicas of important people are displayed in many sections such as the Great Buddhist Monks, Former Kings of Chakri Dynasty, and One Side of Thai Life.

    Phra Pathom Chedi

    On coming toward the city, the first glimpse of the towering Phra Pathom Chedi is overpowering. lt is one of the largest pagodas in the world and in Thailand, by far the most holy of all Buddhist structures. The original pagoda was constructed more than 2,000 years ago in the stupa design of an upside down bowl shape.

    Sanam Chandra Palace

    This palace, located 2 kms. west of Phra Pathom Chedi, was constructed by the command of King Rama VI in the year 1907 when he was the Crown Prince. The compound occupies an area of 355 acres and houses a group of throne halls and pavilions with an elegant and unusual mixture of classical French, English Tudor and traditional Thai architecture.

    Most buildings are now used as government offices. The two buildings opened as attractions are Phra Tamnak Chali Mongkhon At, a Western style building with a statue of Ya-Le – the king’s pet dog and Phra Tamnak Mari Ratchabanlang where King Rama VI’s personal utensils, royal photographs, and writings are exhibited. Nearby a Thai-style house called Tamnak Thap Khwan once served as King Rama VI’s temporary residence.

    Visit Sampran Riverside (formerly Rose Garden) – Thai Village & Cultural Show

    The Thai Village provides a natural and perfect backdrop for the Thai Village Cultural Show. Visitors and guests are presented with a rare opportunity to witness and experience Thai ways in a natural setting. For nature lovers, you are free at leisure to enjoy a leisurely stroll through the Botanical Gardens admiring the impressive diversity of native tropical flora and fauna.

    Enjoy the unique and unforgettable experience of the world-renowned Thai Village Cultural Show, featuring an impressive cast of 150 performers, portrays captivating scenes of everyday life in rural Thailand and ‘Thai ways’ and offers a vivid introduction to: Thai living, the ‘cycle of life’, time-honoured customs and traditions in an agricultural community in Thailand; the Thai passion for festive fun or ‘sanuk’ and Thai ‘joie de vivre’ – the celebration of a good life and good times, as expressed in the folk songs and dance of the four regions of Thailand.

    16:00 hrs: Depart from Sampran Riverside (formerly Rose Garden) to Bangkok.



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Trip Note


  • Air-conditioned vehicles with experienced driver
  • English speaking licensed guide
  • All admission fees as mentioned in the program
  • Lunch at Sampran Riverside (formerly Rose Garden)
  • VAT 7% and all Government taxes (no service charge)


  • Items of a personal nature
  • Tips or Gratuities to guide and driver
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