Wat Sri Suphan

Wat Sri Suphan, also known as The Silver Temple, is one of the most unique and awe-inspiring temples in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

Located in the heart of the Wua Lai neighborhood, the temple is a must-visit attraction for tourists looking to explore the city’s rich cultural heritage.

Discovering the Artistry and Intricacy of Wat Sri Suphan: Chiang Mai’s Silver Temple



  • The temple is beautifully detailed and features scenes in metal, cities, and animals, with the inside and floor were also done in metal.
  • It is lit up with changing colored lights during the Saturday night walking market, making it a cool sight to see during the day and night.
  • The temple is located the Saturday Walking Street, making it convenient to visit and also shop for silverware and accessories nearby.
  • The Silver Temple is an extraordinary work of art with an aluminum/nickel/silver exterior that is phenomenal in detail and worth visiting at night.
  • The temple has a beautiful statue of Ganesha and is unique in its appearance as it is all clad in silver.
  • The renovations done from 2008 to 2016 by skilled traditional workers from the local community are impressive, and the temple is a favorite of many visitors to Chiang Mai.



  • Women are not allowed inside the temple, which may be disappointing for some visitors.
  • During renovation periods, some areas of the temple may be obscured, and there may be no active silversmiths to observe.
  • Transportation to and from the temple may be a bit challenging as tuk-tuks and red trucks are less frequent on the nearby big street, requiring a walk back to the old city or asking for a ride.


The History of Wat Sri Suphan

The Silver Temple dates back to the sixteenth century, but the current structure was built in the late nineteenth century during the reign of King Rama V. The temple is known for its intricate silverwork, which covers much of the exterior and interior of the temple, and the artwork is the result of a collaboration between local artisans and international designers.


The Architecture and Design of Wat Sri Suphan

The architecture of Wat Sri Suphan, or the Silver Temple, is one of the main draws for visitors. The temple’s exterior is entirely covered in silver, which gives it a unique and striking appearance. The use of silver is a nod to the temple’s history as a center for silver smithing.


The temple’s main prayer hall, or ubosot, is a beautiful example of Lanna-style architecture, which is characterized by its ornate decorations and intricate carvings. The interior of the hall is just as impressive, with walls and ceilings covered in beautiful murals that depict scenes from Buddhist mythology.

The silver decorations on the exterior of the temple are just the beginning. Inside the main hall, visitors can marvel at the intricate silver murals and sculptures, which depict scenes from the life of the Buddha and other important figures in Buddhism.

The temple also features a number of smaller buildings and structures, all of which are adorned with silver decorations. One of the most impressive is the silver pavilion, which stands in the temple’s courtyard. The pavilion is covered in ornate silver filigree, which sparkles in the sunlight and casts beautiful patterns on the ground below.


The Silver Usobot

One of the most impressive features of Wat Sri Suphan is the large silver Usobot that stands on the temple grounds. This incredible work of art is a symbol of the temple and is revered by visitors and locals alike.


The Usobot at Wat Sri Suphan is made entirely of silver and stands over 6 meters tall. It was created by skilled local artisans who spent years working on the intricate details of the sculpture.

Visitors to the temple can admire the Usobot from a distance and marvel at the incredible level of craftsmanship that went into its creation. It is truly a sight to behold and is one of the main reasons that Wat Sri Suphan is known as the Silver Temple. 


Activities and Events at Wat Sri Suphan


In addition to its stunning architecture and design, Wat Sri Suphan is also a center for Buddhist learning and cultural activities. The temple offers meditation classes and workshops on traditional silverwork and other handicrafts. Visitors can also participate in traditional Buddhist ceremonies and festivals, including the Songkran water festival and Loy Krathong.


Tips for Visiting Wat Sri Suphan

When visiting Wat Sri Suphan, it is important to dress modestly and remove shoes before entering the temple. Visitors should also be respectful of the temple’s traditions and customs, such as refraining from taking photos inside the main prayer hall. Additionally, visitors can support the local community by purchasing traditional handicrafts and silverwork from the temple’s gift shop.

In conclusion, a visit to Wat Sri Suphan, The Silver Temple, is an unforgettable experience for tourists looking to explore Chiang Mai’s rich cultural heritage. The temple’s stunning silverwork and unique blend of traditional and contemporary design elements make it one of the most fascinating and captivating temples in all of Thailand.


Reviews from TripAdvisor:

Rob N

Go and see it!

Feb 2023

It was fantastic! This is a smaller temple, but it is one of my favorites. The detail is fascinating, and we went twice during the day and once during the Saturday Night Walking Market. Metal scenes, cities, animals, and more. Wow, the interior, including the floor, is made of metal. During the Saturday night walking market, it was lit up with changing colored lights, which was cool! It was amazing to see both during the day and at night. See it if you can! Chiang Rai has white and blue wats, while Chiang Mai has a silver one that you should visit. Look for the man working in aluminum nearby as well.


Linda Y

The Silver Temple

Nov 2022

This magnificent Lanna-style Buddhist temple was built in the 16th century. The most recent renovations were completed in 2016 by skilled local traditional workers. The majority of the work was done in aluminum, with silver reserved for holy images and critical elements. Only men are permitted inside. One of the most unusual temples we saw.

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