Chiang Rai night bazaar

The White Temple and Golden Triangle are attractive destinations to pay a visit to in Chiang Rai. But have you ever wondered, what we can do at night in this small town? In that case, we strongly suggest Chiang Rai night bazaar, a perfect place to have an authentic Thai cuisine tour. 

Highlights of Chiang Rai Night Bazaar:

  • Spacious yard with food stalls selling local cuisine, including hot pot dishes, beer, and mango sticky rice,…
  • Live music and dancing stage that adds to the atmosphere at night
  • Great options for cheap and various food
  • Good choice to buy miniatures and gifts
  • Convenient location accessible by taxi or walking

Drawbacks of Chiang Rai Night Bazaar:

  • The merchandise may not be fantastic
  • Not all shops may be open after the pandemic
  • The night bazaar is not too big and does not have many new fancy items 

1. About Chiang Rai night bazaar

The Chiang Rai night bazaar is a vibrant market, one of the most bustle and exciting destinations to spend the night in Chiang Rai. Unlike many other night markets that only occurred on the weekend, the Chiang Rai night bazaar is held every night, from around 6 pm to midnight. 


A popular itinerary to visit Northern Thailand will consist of coming to Chiang Rai from Chiang Mai during the day, visiting the famous stunning White and Blue Temple, and returning to Chiang Mai to spend the night. But, if you ever have the chance of staying in Chiang Rai for the night, Chiang Rai night bazaar is a great choice. This night market is not the same as the crowd and bustle market in Bangkok. Of course, it always has its own charm, but visitors won’t find too many tourists or foreigners. Therefore, it becomes one of the Thai authentic places to discover as well as get to know about Thai people’s life.

Normally visitors won’t have any difficulties finding their way to this night market since it’s in the center of town, just about 5 minute’s walk from the famous Chiang Rai clock tower.


2. What to do in Chiang Rai night bazaar?

As the name suggested, you can find almost everything in the Chiang Rai night bazaar. Therefore, this will be a perfect place to do shopping, find some souvenirs, or enjoy authentic Thai stress food while watching the fantastic performances by the local artist. 


If you want to find something to bring home, come to the local product area. This night market sells various handcrafted items such as embroidered bags, silver jewelry, or mini statues. There is also a wide range of clothes with special patterns and designs for you to choose. The night bazaar is often full of people, but in comparison to other markets in Thailand, it seems quieter and less bustling. 


Chiang Rai night bazaar is also a tempting place to visit at dinnertime because of its diversity of food stands. Visitors can find any kind of Thai dishes here, from signature Thai food such as som tam, pad thai, mango sticky rice, and green curry. Sometimes you will taste a special touch of Northern Thai in these dished. In addition to that, there is even foreign food like dumplings, pancakes, or sushi, being displayed in needy food trays. 


Usually, there are some teams of talented artists who come to the market, performing live singing and dancing to entertain their lovely audiences. Visitors can expect to watch some traditional or modern dances and songs, coming from a Thai people. What’s a great chance to discover a lively Thai lifestyle!


3. Location and Opening Hours


Chiang Rai night bazaar Location : WR4M+5VR, Tambon Wiang, Chiang Rai 57000, Thailand

Opening Hours: From 6 pm to midnight


4. Visitor’s pieces of advice

Good advice to foreign tourists, try to bargain before buying anything. Negotiation will give you better prices and a joyful experience of talking with Thai people. Don’t forget to keep a smile and don’t lower the price too much. Thai people are friendly, and most of them won’t mind letting you take pictures or chat without buying anything. However, remember to have a respectful attitude and be nice to the locals.


The food looks appetizing but since there is a vast range of different dishes, you might want to have a small portion of each type of food so you can try many dishes.

Lastly, take your time wandering in Chiang Rai night bazaar, to admire all the beautiful handmade products, taste the flavourful Thai food, and watch the exciting performance.

5. Tourists’ reviews:

Here are what people are saying about Chiang Rai night bazaar, from Tripadvisor:



Wales, United Kingdom

Authentic Dining Experience

A fantastic place to eat like a local at an affordable price. A large communal area with tables and chairs surrounded by stalls selling food and drinks – go around and pick your favorites from different stalls, a drink from one, a starter from another, and main courses from different stalls if you like. A great place to feel like a local, with local musicians playing in the background on the night we visited.

Two tempura prawn appetizers, two stir fry chicken main courses, and two chicken and egg fried rice main courses (all from different stalls, and far too much food – but it all looked so delicious) came to 600 baht/£15. The cost of two large beers and a bottle of water was 200 baht/£5. It’s simple to tell which stall has the freshest food: go to any stall with a line. Enjoy!

Visited February 2020 – Traveled as a couple


Vratin Shah

Mumbai, India

Night Shopping

We went to the market on a Saturday night when it was less crowded. The market is packed with stalls selling a wide range of goods at low prices. It also has many food stalls and a central point with live music and dance performances.

Visited February 2020 – Traveled as a couple


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