Doi Mae Salong

If you want to discover a less crowded and hustle destination in Thailand, or you want to seek an adventurous journey then Doi Mae Salong should definitely be on your list.

This delightful mountain is situated in Chiang Rai province and is known for its fascinating past, stunning landscapes, and tasty tea. We promise Doi Mae Salong will provide you with a different vibe from the rest of Thailand.

Doi Mae Salong – a promising adventure



  • Doi Mae Salong offers beautiful and unique scenery of the hills and tea plantations.
  • It is a place with interesting history and a Chinese community, which creates a different atmosphere from other areas in Thailand.
  • Visitors can taste and purchase locally produced tea, coffee, nuts, dried fruit, and mushrooms.
  • The weather in winter is cooler and a pleasant change from nearby cities like Chiang Rai and Chiang Mai.
  • Visitors can learn about the culture of mountain village groups, try local foods, and visit the night and local markets.


  • The journey to Doi Mae Salong is long, windy, and challenging in the last few kilometers.
  • Public transport is almost non-existent, and visitors may have to charter a Songthaew for a high fee or come with their own transport.
  • The village itself may not be fascinating, and the market can be very touristy.


Immerse in Doi Mae Salong’s Rich History

Doi Mae Salong’s history dates back to 1949 when Chinese Nationalist soldiers fled to Thailand after the Communist Revolution in China. They settled in the area, which was then called Santikhiri, and began growing tea. Today, the tea industry is still thriving, and visitors can learn more about its history at the Mae Salong Museum.


The museum provides a fascinating insight into the lives of the Chinese Nationalist soldiers and their families who made their new home in Doi Mae Salong. You can see old photographs, weapons, and other artifacts from their time in China and their subsequent journey to Thailand. This museum also features exhibits on the tea industry, which include displays on how tea is grown, harvested, and processed.


Explore Doi Mae Salong’s Natural Beauty

In addition to its rich history, Doi Mae Salong is also known for its stunning natural beauty. Doi Mae Salong is surrounded by rolling hills and verdant forests, making it an excellent location for hiking. There are hiking trails for all fitness levels in the area, from easy walks to challenging hikes so visitors won’t have to worry about finding a suitable trail.


Doi Tung mountain is one of the most popular places to visit in Doi Mae Salong. Here, you’ll find the Doi Tung Royal Villa, which was the former residence of the late Princess Srinagarindra, the mother of the current King of Thailand. Walking into this villa, you will be amazed by a beautiful botanical garden with a wide variety of exotic plants and flowers. You can try strolling at your own pace through the garden and relish the captivating views and pleasant fragrances of the flowers.

If you’re interested in learning more about the local hill tribe cultures, a visit to the Akha and Yao villages is a must. Experience the customs and traditions of the local communities firsthand by paying them a visit. The villagers are friendly and hospitable, and many of them sell handmade crafts and other locally produced goods.


Discover the Tea Plantations and Culinary Delights

Of course, no visit to Doi Mae Salong is complete without experiencing the local tea culture. In the area, you can find several tea plantations where you can witness the entire tea growth and processing process. One of the most popular plantations is the Choui Fong Tea Plantation, which offers guided tours and tastings. During your visit, you can learn about different tea varieties and try some of the delicious blends.


There are also several tea houses and cafes in Doi Mae Salong, where you can enjoy a cup of tea and take in the stunning views. The Mae Salong Flower Hills Resort is one of the most attractive places to visit, providing panoramic views of the surrounding mountains. And if you feel hungry, their restaurant is ready to serve. After a long day of exploring, it would be nice to sit down and relax while tasting a wide range of local and international dishes. 

For those looking to learn more about the local cuisine, there are several cooking classes available in Doi Mae Salong. You can learn how to prepare traditional dishes using local ingredients, and get an insight into the unique flavors and cooking techniques of Northern Thailand.

Reviews from TripAdvisor:

Ian Maitland

Tea plantations and high-altitude restaurants
Feb 2023
The road climbs steeply up the mountain. The road is lined with cafes and orange vendors. I enjoyed the Chinese-style ‘888’ restaurant. Away from the city, there are a lot of Chinese atmosphere.


Beautiful and peaceful
Dec 2022
Doi Mae Salong is a beautiful and interesting place to visit because of its history and Chinese community. There are breathtaking views of the hills and tea plantations. The journey is long and winding. When visiting in the winter, the weather is cool and crisp, which is a welcome change from nearby Chiang Rai and Chiang Mai.

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