Top Thing To Do In Samut Sakhon

Samut Sakhon

Samut Sakhon is one of well-known coastal provinces along the line of Thailand bay. The main industries of this province are fishery and large scale production of sea salt.

There is a Historical record of Ayutthaya era that relates to Samut Sakhon. This record contains a story about an honorable figure named Pan Thai Norasing. It is a tale about his loyalty when he served under his lord.

According to Samut Sakhon travel Guide Samut Sakhon Province has a lot of activities for tourists to participate.

Historical trips held by Samut Sakhon Province itself are bus trips for detour around historical and cultural attractions, such as Pan Thai Norasing Shrine, Vi Chean Cho Dok Fort, and Mahachai Market.

Aside from Historical trips, there are also other activities that tourists can participate around Samut Sakhon. For example, Boat trips that travel along city’s Canals, agricultural tours that take tourist around fruit farms and flower gardens, demonstrating how to make coconut sugar and how to make Thai porcelains.

For Food and Accommodation, there are a lot of fresh Seafood offered with cheap prices, yet good qualities. Also, the coastal area has a lot of resorts and hotels with a beautiful sea view. However, if you want some local HomeStays, you can find them along the canal, far from the city such as Thai Porcelain village homestay group, which is a homestay group found by villagers, providing tourists with both accommodation and activities to learn About thai porcelains.

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According to Samut Sakhon travel Guide Samut Sakhon Province has a lot of activities for tourists to participate. More detail

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