Mae Hong Son

Mae Hong Son

Mae Hong Son

Mae Hong Son province borders the Republic of the Union of Myanmar (Myanmar) on a 483-kilometer border, of which 362 kilometers are on land and 157 kilometers are on the water, divided into 127 kilometers of the Salawin River and 30 kilometers of the Yuam River.


The representation of an elephant in a body of water is that it is being trained for battle and other tasks. The seal was chosen because it makes reference to the creation of Mae Hong Son and tells the story of how Lord Kaeo Mueang Ma went out to hunt elephants for the Lord of Chiang Mai (1825-1846). He gathered the Shan to live in Ban Pang Mu and Ban Mae Hong Son, the two largest villages. Mae Hong Son was given this name because he trained elephants in a stream.

The archaeological evidence indicates that Mae Hong Son has been inhabited since prehistoric times. Archaeologists researched and determined that the artifacts found in the Pang Ma Pha District cave, including seeds (gourd seeds, cucumber seeds, long beans, rice grain, ancient human skeletons in coffins, beads, clay ceramics, stone axes, etc.), were from the age of rocky humans (7000 – 4500 bc.)


The majority of Mae Hong Son Province is covered by a network of high mountains and still has a thriving natural forest. About 11,104.4464 square kilometers, or 87.5658 percent of the provincial territory, are covered by forests. The north-south parallel is bordered by mountains. There are two significant mountain ranges. The province’s northernmost point, the Dan Laos range, forms the border between Thailand and the Union of Myanmar (Myanmar).


The Mae Hong Son province has a tropical climate that is notably separated into three seasons.

Mid-February through mid-May is considered the hot season. In other places, it is terribly hot outside. Hail, strong gusts of wind, and thunderstorms are all symptoms of tropical storms. 

Between the middle of May and the middle of October comes the rainy season. A stream of warm, humid air from the Indian Ocean travels towards Thailand under the involvement of the southwest monsoon, which begins in May and generates copious amounts of rain to fall across the nation.

How to get there

The best convenient transportation from Bangkok to Mae Hong Son is a direct flight. It takes about 1,5 hours and costs around $80 to $100 per passenger. 

Another longer transportation method is travel by rental bus. Visitors would like to spend at least 15 hours and travelers are willing to pay $37 per person. 

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