Uthai Thani

Uthai Thani

Uthai Thani province has many interesting places to visit. Beginning at Chantharam Temple or Wat Tha Sung; an important tourist attraction in Uthai Thani, distinctive with a 100-meter glass sanctuary, that adorns the entire temple with glistening glitter. Then continue to Mount Sakae Krang locals regard as sacred and popular travel to pay respect to the monks. Wat Uposatharam; an old temple on the Sakae Krang River has a variety of architecture, including a Western-style Kermit. And Wat Tham Khao Wong is an old Thai wooden house built in the background surrounded by towering limestone mountains. In addition to the beautiful temples, Uthai Thani Province is also full of remarkable natural locations such as Pa Tat Forest, which is an astonishing natural hall like primaeval forests as reputed as Jurassic in Thailand. There is also Huai Kha Khaeng Wildlife Sanctuary which is famous for its abundant forests and abundant wildlife that has been registered as a UNESCO World Natural Heritage Site. Tourists who come here can go hiking, studying nature and spotting animals on a designated route. There are also interesting activities, such as visiting the Phu Wai Cave; a large beautiful cave with stalactites and stalactites in a strange shape and over 9 species of bats. Experience the charm of the old days on the cultural road in the alley of Rong Ya Alley while sampling the famous Food of Uthai City and Shopping for small souvenirs back home. Visitors will be experiencing the slow-life life close to nature at Ko Thepho or soaked in the water while keeping chic photos at Pang Sawan Weir.

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