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Suphan Buri

Just a hundred kilometres away from Bangkok, Suphan Buri is an ancient town rich in natural and Historical heritage. The city itself dates back to the 9th century and the province was once an important border town during the period of the Ayutthaya Kingdom; consequently, many battles of important wars were waged in the province. There are many historical sites, in addition to a wide variety of natural attractions including caves, waterfalls, bird parks, fish sanctuaries, and a crocodile ‘Farm.’

Suphan Buri is a province near the Tha Chin River with its geographic features of mountains, forest and plain fields.

Traveling around the province today is like drifting through a historical novel, with attractions including Don Chedi Monument and Wat Khao Khuen, whose abbot played a significant role in the Thai History. Supan Buri’s natural wonders include Phu Toei national park and the Bueng Chawak Aquarium, and visitors can get a taste of the local Culture by trying Sali Suphan, the famous local-style cake.

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