Top Excursions in Sing Buri

Sing Buri

Sing Buri is one of important cities in the History of Thailand, with many Historical and religious attractions. It is well known for abundant River fish, particularly the Mae La catfish, and for the lively annual Boat races during which competitors from the province and beyond vie for the Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn Trophy. Attractions in the province are few, but are interesting, including a hero’s Monument, a museum, and Wat Phra Non Chaksi, a Temple that houses a 46-meter-long Buddha image.

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Best attractions in Sing Buri

Sing Buri is a town in Thailand, the capital of the Sing Buri Province. Discover The Best Attractions In Sing Buri! More

Best things to do in Sing Buri

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Best Restaurants & Bars in Sing Buri

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Best excursions in Sing Buri

Explore the Sing Buri region of Thailand and lend a hand at your choice of community development programs.  More details

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